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As the normal shift on a workboat is usually 28 days, Son of a Sea-Cook Workboat Cooking School has chosen to make its Basic Boat Cook (BBC101) course 28 days long. The curriculum of the course includes basic food production, biscuit making, food safety, food service, food management, purchasing, galley safety & sanitation, and group cooking with meat, poultry and seafood.

The curriculum is focused on a unique segment of the culinary sciences, with lots of practical hands-on cooking to help students become proficient and efficient in a workboat kitchen.

This career focused education, with the emphasis on boat cookery, offers quality hands-on training that is essential to a successful career aboard workboats. This school prides itself on teaching the practical application necessary for successful employment in today’s highly competitive workboat cooking job market.

For more details on this program, download our brochure.

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