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A Coast Guard license must be renewed every five years. It can be renewed any time prior to its expiration date.

There are 3 different ways to renew a USCG license as long as it has not expired over a year.

They are:

  • Show 360 days of operation in the past five years,
  • Take a very difficult Coast Guard exam or
  • Attend a 1 day Renewal/Refresher Course that meets the requirements.

Sea School is approved by the Coast Guard to teach a one day Renewal/Refresher Course for Deck Licenses (under 200 GRT). A short quiz at the end of the class will conclude the course. Sea School will then issue a certificate of completion. This certificate is mailed to the Coast Guard along with your application. The Coast Guard then mails your new license to you.

After your license expires, there is a one year grace period during which you can renew your license. However, during that time the license may not be used.

Requirements include: C.G. Application, physical exam, a drug test and evidence of a TWIC card.

You DO NOT need First Aid & CPR to renew your license.

Some of the topics covered in this course will be Rules of the Road, Chart Navigation, Federal Regulations, Fire Fighting, PFD’s, Radio and Aids to Navigation.


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