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RFPNW is required for any Able Seaman who will be working in the offshore drilling and oil industry (OSV) in the Gulf of Mexico, an AB working outside the boundary line or any AB working in foreign waters.

Sea School’s RFPNW course meets the new STCW 2010 amendments, conforms to the latest USCG NVICs and is applicable to Ordinary Seaman and Able Seaman document endorsement for RFPNW on vessels of 200GRT (US) / 500GT or greater.

Who Needs It:

  • Anyone who will be part of a navigational watch on a vessel of 200GRT, 500GT (ITC) or greater and wants an STCW.
  • Third Mate oceans or near coastal.
  • Master / Mate 1600 oceans or near coastal.
  • Master / Mate 500 oceans or near coastal.
  • Master / Mate 200 oceans.
  • Able Seaman unlimited who wants AB on their STCW.
  • Able Seaman limited who wants AB on their STCW.
  • Able Seaman Special who wants AB on their STCW.
  • Ordinary Seaman who wants STCW RFPNW endorsement.

**NEW** RFPNW REQUIREMENTS  (Tonnage no longer applies)

180 days of sea service on ocean, near coastal, great lakes which includes training and experience associated with navigational watchkeeping functions and involves the performance of duties carried out under the supervision of the master, mate or qualified STCW deck rating.

Note: 50% (90 days) of the required 180 days of sea service may be on inland waters on vessels to which STCW applies


Have evidence of completing an approved ASSESSMENT PROGRAM at an approved school,


"Grandfather Issue in Policy 14-02." Have evidence of one year of sea service within the deck department between October 1, 1986 and September 30, 1991 and have proof of completing Basic Safety Training.

Subjects covered in this course:

  • All Lookout Duties
  • All Steering Commands
  • All Bridge Familiarization Requirement
  • All Terms and Definitions
  • All Simulator Functions
  • All USCG Required Assessments


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