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Terrestrial navigation is the method of navigation used by mariners that uses landmarks as reference points, ship’s stability, fuel consumption and ship’s speed along with tides and currents. This is the opposite of celestial navigation, which plots positions in relation to the stars. Mariners use both systems of navigation for accuracy.

Sea School’s 15 day course is to prepare for the USCG examination. It begins with traditional navigation review and continues with the technical and practical concepts of Terrestrial Navigation.

Subjects covered in this course:

  • Terrestrial coordinates
  • Nautical charts
  • Navigation publications
  • Plotting and position lines
  • Navigation aids
  • Compass corrections including Azimuths and Amplitudes
  • Charts and chart work
  • Logbooks and voyage planning.
  • Computation of tides
  • Tidal currents.
  • Fuel Tables for Trips
  • Tides and Current Charts

This is a preparation course designed to prepare the mariner to pass the USCG exam for Terrestrial Navigation required for Master or Mate greater than 500 GT.


  • Basic chart navigation skills
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