About Us

Sea School: Your Pathway to Captain’s Excellence

Welcome to Sea School, your premier maritime education destination since 1977. With a rich history deeply rooted in St. Petersburg, Florida, we have been at the forefront of providing top-notch training for aspiring mariners, helping them achieve their dreams of obtaining a Captain’s License. Our commitment to excellence, extensive experience, and dedication to your success set us apart as the best online captain’s license course provider in the industry.

A Legacy of Leadership: Navigating Success Since 1977

The story of Sea School began in August 1977 when our late founder, Ron Wahl, identified a pressing need for a comprehensive Captain’s License Prep Course in St. Petersburg. Having experienced the challenges firsthand, Ron embarked on a mission to empower fellow boating enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills required to obtain their U.S. Coast Guard license. His passion and dedication led to the establishment of Sea School, a true pioneer in maritime education.

Unveiling the Seas of Knowledge: Our Journey

From our modest beginnings at a local apartment complex clubhouse, we quickly expanded our reach to cities spanning Crystal River, Florida, to Ft. Myers, Florida. But our journey didn’t stop there. In January 1979, Sea School embarked on an extraordinary voyage, delivering our renowned courses aboard the Nathaniel Bowditch, a 57′ Carricraft houseboat. We navigated the waters along the West Coast of Florida, traveling from city to city, sharing knowledge and expertise with aspiring mariners.

Innovating Excellence: Leading the Way

Sea School’s commitment to innovation led us to become the first school authorized by the U.S. Coast Guard to teach an OUPV course and proctor the approved exam. We set the standard for excellence, combining comprehensive instruction with meticulous evaluation, ensuring that every student is well-prepared for success. Our motto, “Bringing the Classroom to You” & “Holding your Hand until it Holds the License,” reflects our unwavering dedication to your learning journey.

Charting New Horizons: Your Path to Success

As the maritime industry evolves, Sea School remains your steadfast partner on your journey to becoming a licensed captain. We offer a range of courses, from the foundational 6 Pack Captains License Online to advanced options like Ocean Operator, 300 gross ton Master, Radar, and Celestial Navigation. Our expert instructors, many of whom are seasoned Coast Guard retirees, bring a wealth of knowledge to every class, ensuring you receive the best education possible.

A Future Anchored in Excellence: Join the Sea School Community

For over four decades, Sea School has been a trusted institution in maritime education. Our enduring commitment to fostering mariners’ success, coupled with our innovative approach, has solidified our reputation as the go-to destination for obtaining your Captain’s License. Whether you’re seeking to begin your maritime journey or enhance your existing credentials, Sea School is here to guide you every step of the way.

Embark on a transformative learning experience with Sea School today, and let us empower you to navigate the seas with confidence, competence, and an unwavering Captain’s spirit.