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A Qualified Member of the Engineering Department is a senior unlicensed crewmember in the engine room of a ship. The QMED performs a variety of tasks connected with the maintenance and repair of engine room, fireroom, machine shop, ice-machine room, and steering-engine room equipment. The QMED inspects equipment such as pumps, turbines, distilling plants, and condensers, and prepares records of condition. The QMED lubricates and maintains machinery and equipment such as generators, steering systems, lifeboats, and sewage disposal systems, and also cleans and restores tools and equipment. A certificate of successful completion from SeaSchools Coast Guard approved 15 day QMED course will substitute for the difficult QMED exam from the Coast Guard. Subjects covered in this course:
  • QMED General
  • Electrical
  • Safety & Environmental
  • Shipboard Equipment & Systems
  • Steam Propulsion
  • Motor Propulsion
Course Requirements

180 days of sea service in the engine room

Course Schedule

This is a 15 Day course. Please refer to the online schedule for dates and locations to suit your needs.

Office Locations

This course is taught at several different campuses including:

  • Bayou La Batre, AL