STCW Basic Training – Renewal

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How to Comply:

All mariners who apply for an original MMD or currently hold an “entry level” MMD without an endorsed qualified rating (ordinary seaman/wiper/steward), comply with STCW by completing the four Basic Training (BT) courses, which are: Basic Firefighting; Personal Survival Techniques; Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities; and Elementary First Aid. Then the MMD holder applies for an STCW certificate from the Coast Guard.

For those mariners that are applying for an original license, or presently hold a Coast Guard license for vessels of not more than 200 GRT, Near Coastal, may also comply with STCW by simply completing Basic Training (BT), and then apply for the STCW certificate from the Coast Guard.

These classes are offered in the middle of our original five day STCW Basic Training Classes. Call us to for class dates, information and registration.